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It's about People!

“Don’t use social media to impress people; use it to impact people.” Dave Willis

When it comes to photography, it's not just about capturing a beautiful image. The real essence of photography lies in the emotions it evokes in the viewer. If you can make your audience feel the emotions behind your photograph, you're well on your way to creating a successful and impactful image.

I've been fortunate enough to have had countless memorable experiences as a photographer. From receiving and giving hugs to having long conversations with people I've never even met in person, all because of my photography.

I've had the pleasure of hearing people express their appreciation for my photographs, and some even tell me that they've spent several minutes admiring a particular image. What's more, I've been moved by people who have thanked me for capturing a moment that reminded them of a special place they once shared with a loved one who has since passed away.

But most importantly, what I love the most is seeing the sheer joy on people's faces when I deliver a print that captures the essence of their cherished memories.

For me, photography is all about people and the emotions they feel. It's the connections we make and the stories we tell through our images that truly make this art form so special.

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