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Preserving life's beauty through art


  • How did you learn photography?
    I started my photography journey by taking classes at a community college in the early 2000s, using a 35 mm Canon Rebel camera. Later on, my wife gifted me a class at the New York Institute of Photography, which helped me master the basics and broaden my photography skills. Since then, I have been mostly self-taught and continue to learn and grow as a photographer.
  • What region do you cover?
    I am located in Palm Coast, which is situated between Daytona Beach and St. Augustine. My services are available to clients from South Jacksonville to South Daytona Beach, and I am willing to travel to Orlando for larger projects.
  • Who is your favorite photographer?
    Currently, two photographers that I admire are Peter McKinnon and Hayden Pedersen. Peter is a Canadian photographer and YouTube personality who is renowned for his cinematic style, tutorials, and vlogs. He has a considerable social media following and provides online courses and presets. Hayden, on the other hand, is a photographer and filmmaker with a distinctive and imaginative approach to photography and videography. He is known for his visually striking content and shares tutorials and behind-the-scenes footage on his YouTube channel. Hayden also has a considerable social media following and offers presets and courses for photographers and filmmakers.
  • Where can I see your work?
    If you live in the Ormond Beach area, you can visit the ART-SPOTLIGHT gallery on Granada Blvd. I am a featured artist there and I have a few items on display. If you want to follow me online I post almost daily on Facebook and Instagram. FB - INSTAGRAM -
  • Do you sell limited editions?
    When you purchase Metal or Canvas from me, it comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. Most of my canvas and metals are limited editions of 25 or fewer prints, and each print is numbered. Canvases are personally hand-signed, while metals are signed on the back. In the event that a print has not yet been sold, it is possible to acquire it as a unique 01 of 01 edition for an additional 40%. At this time, the print can no longer be ordered on metal not canvas (any size). It can still be ordered on paper prints up to 18 by 24. Most of my paper prints are not limited editions but there are some exceptions.
  • Where do you get your work printed?
    Canvases are printed right here in St Augustine. My metals are printed in California and ship to me prior to delivery to the client.
  • Do you print on archival materials?
    My canvases and metals are printed on archival materials, art gallery quality. Each piece is inspected by me prior to delivery to the final client. I use only professional lustre photo paper for my paper prints so that you always receive the longest lasting and highest quality photographic prints available. Paper prints can be printed on archival professional paper but the price will increase significantly.
  • What is the largest size you can print?
    For canvas, it's not uncommon to receive orders of a 40 by 60 size. I can print up to 80 by 120 on a single canvas and even bigger on a tryptic. For metal, it's about the same. 40 by 60 on a single sheet or up to 50 by 90 on a tryptic. Paper prints are up to 18 by 24. Please email me if you want to discuss a larger paper print size.
  • How long does it take to receive my order?
    Once an order is submitted (50% deposit on metal or canvas, 100% is due up front for paper prints) it usually takes me 7 business days to receive your order. It will be ready for delivery within 3 business days after that. Assume 10 business days until your order is hanged on your wall. Some orders might take longer but I will always keep you informed during the process.
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes I do! Based on your location and/or the size of the print/canvas/metal, I may charge a small fee for the delivery (between $5 and $15). In most cases, a canvas or metal of 30 by 45 or bigger will be delivered for free if you live between North Daytona and South St Augustine.
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