Good Enough

As I'm posting my daily shot on Facebook this morning, I got an interesting email. I'll copy the first paragraph below:

"Thank you for applying to the Louisville Art Association 28th National Photography Show to be held May 27 through June 5, 2022. We received 451 applications from a very competitive field of artists and are pleased to announce that our judge has CHOSEN ONE OR MORE of your images listed in this email for entry into the show – an impressive achievement as only 100 photographs were chosen! Congratulations!".

Wait, what!?

Needless to say that it made my day. Especially because not one but two photographs of mine were selected (from the three I sent). Those are the two photographs:

Evanescent Pier

Stormy Night

As a photographer you always wonder if your work is "good enough". I know people (even you maybe? hopefully!) like it. The Facebook page has almost 1,450 LIKES now (up from 30ish back in July 2021 ... yeap just 30). I recently received several orders to decorate houses with clients ordering 2 or even 3 large prints (canvas and metal). But the question always remains in the back of my head though ... how does it compare to other photographers? Is it "good enough" to be selected for a show? Is it "good enough" to develop the business where it's viable? Is it BETTER than "good enough"?

“Photography is a magical kind of art that allows people to preserve time and moments, and to describe the world the way they see it.” Sahara Sanders

I am a strong believer of shooting what I like, they way I see it. If I like it, chances are that others will too and I will eventually find clients for my work. But this is not about that. The question is about making a difference in the world of photography. The question is about being recognized for my work in a very competitive industry. I know what I am worth as an IT executive. I've done the work, I got praised and promoted ... Since I changed industry and took on this challenge, those shows and those competitions are your year end performance reviews. Those shows are what says "this is better than good enough because you have 351 people who submitted at least one photograph who did not make it".

“A photograph shouldn't be just a picture, it should be a philosophy.” Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

I'm not going to hide it. I'm happy. I needed that today. I needed that as I am preparing for my first show this weekend in Daytona Beach. I needed that as I keep getting signs every time I have a doubt. I needed that to keep pushing through. Yes, my work is good enough. Yes, I need to keep pushing through. Yes, I might just be able to make it , I just need time!

Show information can be seen here -

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