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White Shadow (framed)

The minimalistic black and white photograph of the Flagler pier captures the essence of the iconic structure in a simple yet powerful way. The image presents a stark and clean composition, with the pier extending out into the water under a cloudy sky. The pier itself is a silhouette against the bright sky, with no distinguishing features or details. The focus is on the symmetry and repetition of the pilings, creating a strong sense of balance and stability. The absence of color emphasizes the starkness of the scene, highlighting the interplay between light and shadow. The overall effect is one of timelessness and classic beauty, evoking a sense of nostalgia and reverence for the pier's history and cultural significance. The minimalist approach allows the viewer to appreciate the beauty of the structure's design and the peacefulness of the ocean. The photograph invites the viewer to contemplate the timeless beauty of the Flagler pier, and the enduring power of nature's grandeur.  This is a limited edition of 25.

White Shadow (framed)

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