Time to Move on!?

It's been ages since I wrote a blog and I am sorry about that. I know I should be more consistent and I promise I'll try harder. I always said I would write a blog whenever I had something to say. ... and today I do! I fall in the category of people, photographers, who are getting tired of INSTAGRAM and I feel I need to write about it.

See, for a long time I thought my photography alone would help me grow on the plateform. I was wrong. In 2 years I had not even gained 200 followers despite posting almost daily! Fact is that if you don't already have 1,000's of followers, it is very unlikely that Instagram will show your work. So it feels like a lost battle from the beginning.

That being said, they kept saying "do REELS and you'll grow" ... so after months of resisting reels, I finally started to do some. Nothing fancy. Usually the sunrise, the waves, the view ... sometimes but not always some music. Guess what? It worked. 300, 400, 500 LIKES each time I was posting a reel. I could gain up to 20 followers at once.

In a matter of 6 maybe 8 weeks, I pretty much doubled my followers posted a reel every 5 to 8 days. OK. Game on. I don't mind the reels actually so let's keep going. It worked for a while ... but suddenly ... 100 LIKES, 60 and now ... 10 maybe 15!?

Wait, what!?

I have not changed a single thing. Same type of reels for the same audience. Truth is that while I have not changed a thing, INSTAGRAM pushed (yet again) a new algorithm ... and I'm back in the land of the unknowns.

Should I feel bad ... is it just me!? Maybe not. Influencers with hundred of thousands of followers are all saying the same thing (it's all over YouTube). They are no longer growing, and they are even losing followers (I do too).

Wait, it gets better. The new algorithm will only show my work to 30% (if that) of my followers and people know that now ... so why would they want to follow me? They won't see my work anyways.

Instagram wants to become TIKTOK so bad that it has forgotten the core of its platform: Photography. What are you doing INSTAGRAM!? Why? Did you check TIKTOK? Do you really want to become THAT!?

Can I change INSTAGRAM? Probably not. Can I do something about it? YES, 100%.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my INSTAGRAM but I've already created an account on VERO. ... and you probably should too if you like to see awesome photography. VERO is a social platform that has no algorithm (heard that INSTAGRAM!?). They don't particularly care about videos (heard that INSTAGRAM!?). They love Photography and photographers (heard that INSTAGRAM!?). We are not limited to a specific aspect ratio forcing us to crop our photos (heard that INSTAGRAM!?). Files are not compressed to the point of images becoming blurry (heard that INSTAGRAM!?) and if you follow someone, you will see his/her work first (heard that INSTAGRAM!?). I guess you get the point.

So here we go. I'm willing to try and I am on day 3 of VERO. Starting from scratch. I'm not sure how they make money today as there is no advertising, no subscription, nothing (something will have to change so let's keep an eye on that for sure).

I won't give up on INSTAGRAM just yet (a miracle could happen). I deleted my TIKTOK account (my impression of TIKTOK is not good, not at all, so it's not for me). I don't get the TWEETS idea if you are not in the news, sporting events and alike ... Do you love my work so much that you have to know right now that I just posted something!? ... right, I did not think so either LOL.

FACEBOOK is working great for me (growing by 300 to 500 followers a month). I'm considering YOUTUBE but need to come up with a concept for a channel that's not been already done 100s of times. I need a platform to use as my portfolio as I want to keep my website more lean. Looks like INSTAGRAM is not going to be it. Let's see if VERO can be that platform. Want to join me!?

You can find me on VERO at

“Done is better than perfect.” Peter McKinnon

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