I hate Photoshop!

I don’t use the word hate a lot. Ever actually. I think that it is such a strong word that it’s got to be used very carefully. But today I did.

I hate photoshop.

My passion is photography not software made up photos. Let me explain:

I work hard to create the shots I display and/or sell. I get up regularly at 4.30 am to take photos, I spend hours in locations for (hopefully) one shot that will make it to my portfolio. And I do this no matter what – cold, hot, rainy, stormy, you name it.

I do it because I love it.

“The picture that you took with your camera is the imagination you want to create with reality.” - Scott Lorenzo”

FLAGLER BEACH, FL - 11.07.2021

f/5.6 - 1 sec. - ISO1000 w/ LED Flashlight

Don’t get me wrong. I do use filters on my camera (that’s photography though) and there is some post processing in the shots I take (some color enhancement – nothing crazy - and sometimes “repair” (meaning I will remove an object/something that is too disturbing or clean up the image to remove dust that was on the length and/or sensor). But that’s about it. If I do a stacking image, I will always disclose it.

I will never modify a sky or add a moon just so I can say “look what I shot”. I have no interest in that. I have no interest in showing something that did not happen.

“I am always mentally photographing everything as practice.” - Minor White

I do respect people who do it though. It’s an art. Photoshop is a very complex software and I’m not sure I even have the patience to learn it (I currently do not own a Photoshop license). So, kudos to people who have and are proficient with it (as long as they put the disclaimer that the photo is not real. But that’s another story for another blog some days).

So why do I hate photoshop? … because once in a while I take a shot that nobody has. I was there. Right place, right time. The camera settings that I thought were right to get the shot that I saw in my mind. Very little post processing … and there you go, the comments arrive “that looks photoshopped” or “great post production work” or even “poorly photoshopped in my opinion” (yes that has happened too even though the shot was 100% real and I can prove it!). Thankfully, it's only a minority, a very very small minority ... but it still annoys me ... a lot I have to admit! People who know me understand why I'm sure.

I have a very strong work ethic and integrity so I would never do something and claim something else. It's just not me. I won't do it. Period.

So yes, I hate it that a software has made it so easy for people to create images that we, photographers and artists, have now to prove that our work is real!

PRINCESS PLACE PRESERVE - 10.23.21 f/6.3 - 1/1000 sec. - ISO1600 / Low to the ground, use of tall grass

BIKETOBERFEST / Daytona, FL - 10.15.2021 f/6.3 - 1/125 sec. - ISO125 / with another back in front

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